Privileges from NTU

Campus Parking Permit Parking fee is the same as that NTU employees. NTU Parking Permit Application 
For annual parking permit user can enter the main campus entrances with NTU ID card (To apply it at Office of General Affairs, NTU)
Bicycle Parking Management Center
Free parking permits for VIP guests: Apply in advance to the Office of General Affairs, NTU, ie, before the meeting or conference.
Libraries Circulation Services (Chinese | English)
Chinese only: 附表(其他身分查詢) > 「合作單位」:「中研院(原分、天文、生化、數學所)研究人員、職員」
Gymnasium Belongs to class B user when using the new Gymnasium.
Health Center Registration fee (waived)+Partial liability fee (with NHI card) NT50
NTU Kindergarten Once accepted to enroll in NTU kindergarten, you will be charged as kids of NTU employee. But the number is limited.

Please note that the priority for the application is:

1.    本校編制內及本園教職員工生之直系親屬。
The direct blood relative of NTU official employees and NTU kindergarten employees

2.    本校各附屬單位教職員工 (含兼任教師和國科會助理)之直系親屬。
The direct blood relative of NTU’s Affiliated Units’ employees (Adjunct Professor and MOST assistant included)

3.    餘額可由校外人士子弟抽籤遞補(含校友)。本院同仁屬於次序3。
Non-NTU employees (alumni of NTU is included)
If there are vacancies, the admission decision will be made by lot drawing which is open to all non-NTU employees (alumni of NTU is included). AS employees also belongs to this category.

Visitor Houses There are two visitor houses near NTU, with NTU card, we can get the same price as NTU employees.
To present the copy of our NTU ID card at check-in, even the visitor/newcomer can get the same price.
NTU Hsiu-Chi House | Just Sleep
Commissary/Campus Stores NTU ID card is required to visit two campus stores, “Xiao Fu” and “Xiao Xiao Fu”. You can further apply the NTU Coop membership at B1 of Xiao Fu Commissary by presenting your NTU ID. The members can receive the patronage distributions (based on their purchase of previous year).
NTU Language Center Some courses provide priority and discount to NTU employees and students. You can enjoy the privilege by presenting your NTU ID at registration.
NTU social clubs NTU social clubs are open to the institutes that located in NTU campus (ASIAA, ASMA, ASIAMS, ASIMB), excluding NTU staffs social club (台大職工聯誼會), NTU retired staff social club (台大退休聯誼會) and NTU Professors social club (台大教師聯誼會). The membership fee varies between clubs.
NTU lounge NTU lounge (教職員工活動中心) is located at 1F of NTU new Gymnasium. The rental fee will be charged the same as NTU Units.
Preferential Benefits You can get discounts at NTU authorized stores.
臺大生活便利通 | Easy Life at NTU
You will be charged the same as NTU employees to attend classes provided by NTU Computer and Information Networking Center or NTU Dept of Computer Science and Information Engineering .
my NTU account Application Procdure:

1.    Fill out the application form online (Only Chinese version provides the option for “中研院於台大”. Please refer to contrast version if you can not read Chinese.)

2.    Print and sign your application.

3.    Attach the required document (i.e. the copy of your NTU ID card) and take the completed form to the 臺灣大學計算機及資訊網路中心帳號室/Computer and Information Networking Center’s Account Room during office hours (8:30 ~ 21:00 Sun~Sat) by yourself.

4.    Please note: If the required documents and signed application are not submitted within one month of completing the online application, the application will be deleted.

Available myNTU Services for AS employees: