How to report the NTU ID card Lost and Broken


1. To fill in the Re-Apply Form(download) and provide the Handling charge Fee (NTD210) to staff
2. To fill in the EASY card Refund Form(download) to staff
3. To submit above two forms to NTU/AS joint program office.
NTU/AS joint program office will notify the relative units to cancel the issue as the below:

a. the function of easy card.
b. the function to NTU gates by car (Only for the colleagues who applies NTU parking permit and also applies the function of NTU entrance)
c. suspend the membership of NTU Siao Fu Commissary (If you you have ever join it before)

4. To submit the stamped Re-apply form to HQ and pay the fee.
5. After receive the receipt from HQ and pass it to NTU/AS joint office, the joint office will make a new card.

After you get the NEW card, please
6. to re-apply the label at B1 of NTU Siao Fu Commissary
7. to reset the function to NTU gates by car at NTU General Service Division


1. All the relative functions will be failed permanently once you applied it.
2. The cardholder should absorb the loss of deposits on EasyCard that have been stolen within 6 hours after reporting a card loss by receiving the Refund Form from NTU.
3. If you open the function for EASY card but would like to terminate it and apply the refund (This function will be failed permanently once you applied it.), it only can apply at below areas.

a. EASY card service center at Taipei Main Station B1
(Enter B1 level from MRT Exit M6; located next to Eslite Book Store)
b. school student ID card window of Easy card company
(13F, No. 3-1, Part St., Nangamg Dist., Taipei City)

Customer Service: 412-8880
Customer Service (direct):0800-02-8880
Handling charge for refund/termination of card use: A handling charge of NT$20 will be levied for processing an application for refund/termination of a deposit-based EasyCard. (This charge will be waived if the card has been used five times or more).